Lancer Scott offers a full range of hard facilities management services. From operation and maintenance services to critical engineering and asset management, our directly employed skilled technicians will keep your facilities running smoothly and efficiently to support your built environment.

The delivery of maintenance services is supported by our industry leading computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) software, which tracks, manages, allocates and monitors all maintenance tasks. Through an app on engineers’ mobile devices, it’s a fast, convenient and efficient way to ensure work is allocated to the right people quickly and effectively, optimising the available workforce. All technicians are tracked to ensure we minimise travel time and optimise our time supporting out clients in a cost-efficient manner.

Supported by our 24/7 dedicated in-house customer service centre we ensure our clients are constantly updated on the progress of works at all stages of work orders.

Applying this smart technology is essential in helping organisations to meet the challenges of managing large buildings and workforces, while remaining competitive in a fast-changing world.

Improved quality, reduced cost, and risk mitigation are guaranteed, because we perform technical services through directly employed technicians. We are further supported by a network of supply chain partners who have worked with us for many years, are a key element of our provision and provide support to specialist assets.

As an SME with the financial stability of a corporate but the flexibility to adapt our services to client needs. We tailor all our services by geography, workplace type, and desired outcome.

Integrated technical building services include:

Services Provided

Whatever your needs our extensive experience covering multiple sectors will help.

General Building

Renovation Carpentry
HVAC works
Suspended ceiling repairs
Interceptor works
Pest proofing
Acoustic works


Drainage pipework


All types of lighting
Belisha beacons
CCTV works


Trocol roofing
Felt roofing
Pitched roofing
Tiled Roofing
Metal cladding works
PFS Canopy Damage
Petrol forecourt canopy repairs
Water leak detection and repair
Gutter cleansing


Vinyl flooring
Concrete flooring
Terrazzo flooring
Resin flooring
All concrete works


All tarmac repairs and new areas
Car park white lining
Drainage relining
Manhole works

Doors & barriers

Timber doors
Metal doors
PFS doors
Auto doors
Roller shutters
Fire doors


Solar Film
Window graphics


Tree works
Metal guard railing

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