The core value of honesty is important for companies like Lancer Scott that are dedicated to establishing trust in all that we do. Working for a company that values honesty means that you can trust that the work we are doing is founded on integrity. The importance of a trusting relationship between the company and its customers cannot be understated.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility means that Lancer Scott have a responsibility to the individuals and groups that our business affects. Like a social responsibility, the value of corporate responsibility means that we will work towards the greater good of our employees and our customers.


Teamwork can come in many forms. Lancer Scott value teamwork to effectively achieve a goal or target. Lancer Scott know that we are more likely to succeed within teams rather than individually therefore our business founded on teamwork is personally and professionally beneficial.

Pursuit of Excellence

Any company that does not value the pursuit of excellence is setting itself up for failure. The pursuit of excellence no matter the cost is so important in the success of a business. Companies like Lancer Scott that value excellence are driven and excited by their efforts. This passion bleeds into the attitudes and success of employees.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion are two of the most important core values businesses can have. Lancer Scott do their utmost to make sure all employees feel respected, valued, and welcome. We prioritise inclusion and respect diversity offering equal opportunities to all and, at the same time, create a safe working, risk adverse environment for our workforce.

Care for the Community

Within the past decade, the desire for environmentally-friendly practices and procedures has grown massively. Lancer Scott are proud to state that we have taken steps to address this need. Caring for the community surrounding our business is an important core value for us.