“Proud to support as we continue to deliver at Hinkley Point C” says Steve Price, Account Director

The construction site at Hinkley Point C changes every week. This is not surprising as the workforce is now almost 4,000 and has multiple working areas where early construction work is taking place now that the major earthworks phase is complete. Work continues to build the network of roads and utilities necessary to allow the site to operate efficiently.

The construction of the second permanent above ground building has commenced. This is the Site Training and Simulator building. This building is utilising steel-work fabricated locally in Somerset. It will be where the training of operators and technicians will take place and will house a full scope EPR simulator which will include a very accurate replica power station control room. Tutors will be able to observe the trainees during a series of test scenarios for both normal operations and emergency procedures from viewing galleries and using CCTV.  All trainees will need to pass these tests in order to become qualified to operate the EPR reactors at HPC.

The construction of the Unit 1 common raft continues with a target to complete this in June. Four of the five very large concrete pours have taken place, each one placing well over 2000 cubic metres of concrete. The last pour will be the biggest in UK construction history at over 9500 cubic metres of concrete and will take over 4 days to complete.  This structure will provide the strong foundation for all the nuclear island buildings and is an internationally recognised milestone in the construction of nuclear power stations around the world.

At Avonmouth the construction of the four inlet heads has started and production of concrete segments ready for the tunnel boring machines is underway. On site tunneling is also taking place to create the cooling water liaison galleries. These link the cooling water systems of each unit together, thus providing additional system security.

The second base for the Unit 2 nuclear island has been handed over to the civil contractor by the earthworks contractor and work to construct the circular pre-stressing gallery has commenced.

The erection of the Sarens SGC 250 heavy lift ring crane has started on site having completed the eastern circular rail system upon which it sits. The crane will be on site for approximately four years and will lift over 500 heavy components/prefabricated structure during the construction of both units. Eventually it will be able to travel without dismantling between three locations.

The aggregate jetty is now in the final stages of commissioning which will allow all aggregate to be delivered to site by ship. The aggregate will still be sourced from the Mendips but will be transported to Avonmouth Docks by rail and then by coaster to the jetty at HPC. The shipments are due to start during June.